#WomanOfLight by #KaliFajardoAnstine

***** out of 5 *s
#WomanOfLight by @kalimaja,  to be published by @randomhouse on 6/7/22

This book grabs you on the first page and sweeps you away on a journey that goes by far too quickly. Propulsively readable, filled with the light of the title, it immerses you in a world simultaneously long gone and very present.

I felt genuinely caught up in the author’s descriptions and mastery of language. She evokes every sense; I could smell the copal incense in the church. Richly written, this debut novel (after the author’s award winning collection of short stories, #SabrinaAndCorina) left me wanting more.

As I said in my review of #SabrinaAndCorina, I’m probably biased because I know the author’s family. I also said that her writing is on par with #LuciaBerlin, and I stand by that. #KaliFajardoAnstine has a brilliant future.

I received an ARC from @randomhouse via @netgalley

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