🌸🌸🌸 out of 5 🌸s

#TheWallsAroundUs by #NovaRenSuma

I found this to be a surprisingly difficult read. It’s very well-written and the characters and plot are richly developed, but for whatever reason I just found it hard to finish.

The main characters are teens Violet, Orianna, and Amber. Orianna, as the story begins, is incarcerated for murder. She becomes Amber’s cellmate, and gradually the tale of the murders emerges.

This is also a bit of a ghost story, and those scenes are very atmospheric.

Overall, this is a much better story of prison life than #OrangeIsTheNewBlack and far more believable than Piper’s so-called struggles.

I do recommend this book, and I would absolutely read more by this author.

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🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 out of 5 🌸s

#BabyTeeth by #ZojeStage is one of the most haunting books I’ve ever read.

The plot centers around 3 characters, Suzette, her husband Alex, and their mute daughter Hanna. We don’t know why Hanna is mute, but she is able to vocalize. Suzette suffers from Crohn’s Disease, and we see her struggles with both this and with her love/fear relationship with Hanna.

Eventually we see Hanna find herself an invisible friend of sorts, in Marie-Anne Dufosset, a woman who was burned as a witch in France. Hanna sees her mother as an evil to be gotten rid of, and her father as the epitome of everything good.

I won’t post spoilers, but this book will absolutely grab you and not let go. I finished it 2 days ago and cannot get it out of my head.



🌸🌸🌸🌸 put of 5 🌸s

#YouWereMadeForThis by #MichelleSacks is a brutal read but an undeniably captivating one.

The book really centers around an extremely convoluted love story. The main characters are Merry, her husband Sam, her baby Conor, and her lifelong best friend Frank (Frances).

As the story begins, Merry, Sam and Conor have just moved from the U.S. to Sweden. Apparently they are living a perfectly devoted and happy life.

When Frank arrives for a visit, the thin veneer is quickly sheared off, and we are plunged into a brutal world of jealousy, betrayal, and murder.

I had a tiny problem getting past the main characters being named Merry and Sam, but that’s the Tolkien nerd in me. Beyond that, the plot is deft, the twists and turns will give you whiplash, and you will be left breathless by the ending.



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