#MinorDramasAndOtherCatastrophes by #KathleenWest

***** out of 5 *s
#MinorDramasAndOtherCatastrophes by #KathleenWest

A propulsive read that’s a cross between #BigLittleLies and #GossipGirl, this is one heck of a read.

Liston Heights High School is one of those schools privileged kids on their way to the Ivys attend. We get intimate glimpses into the worlds of Julia Abbott, one of the moms, and Isobel Johnson, one of the teachers. As I read, I kept wishing for more to be told from the POV of Tracy, Julia’s daughter at the school.

The book opens with Julia’s son Andrew trying out for the school play. Things escalate quickly from there, as Julia’s victory dance when reading the posted cast list ends with her elbowing, hard, one of the other students. This is caught on a cell phone camera, which quickly goes viral.

Meanwhile, very left-wing teacher Isobel is rapidly shooting her teaching career in the foot as she teaches increasingly controversial things to her students. She’s definitely a #socialjusticewarrior, and in my opinion could have been much more effective at a college level. Isobel finds herself fighting to keep her job.

Things become increasingly worse as the already claustrophobic world of these people shrinks ever inward. Taut and tense, and perfectly plotted, this book seriously needs to become a film or tv series.

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