🌸🌸🌸🌸 out of 5 🌸s

#TheLastTimeILied by #RileySager Another book that I found difficult to get in to, but ultimately this one is worth every moment.

The protagonist, Emma Davis, is recalling events that happened 15 years prior, at a summer camp called Camp Nightingale. At the time, she’d been 13 and sharing a cabin with Vivian, Allison, and Natalie.

One night, the other three girls leave the cabin and are never heard from again.

Fast forward to today, and Emma finds herself once more at Camp Nightingale, reopened by its owner Franny for what is likely its final swan song. And things begin to happen.

Emma is a character who seems constantly on the edge of madness, and this definitely adds deep tension to the tale.

Gripping and relentless, this is a very good book.

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